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Optimization Services

From 360-degree readiness assessments and brand/values alignment programs to problem solving labs and long-term partnerships, we’ll help you to assess opportunities, implement operational excellence, and sustain ongoing results.

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360° Readiness Assessment

Get an objective opinion of your talent acquisition and recruiting practices, processes, and procedures to move forward with confidence.

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  • Full landscape evaluation across talent acquisition and recruiting programs
  • Evaluates attraction and engagement mechanisms and processes
  • Includes full report and priority list of improvements
  • Includes 2 hour consultation
  • (3-4 weeks to completion)

Brand & Values Alignment

Define or validate your people/fit and culture, value proposition and brand, and then establish the right roadmap to act on.
  • Company-wide VoE surveys and executive-level interviews
  • Validation and/or development across employer brand, values, fit and culture
  • Includes attraction marketing and content roadmaps
  • Includes dedicated support with final review session
  • (8-12 weeks to completion)

TalentSum Partnerships

Retain our team to help you establish operational excellence in talent acquisition or to add horsepower, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to your recruitment and hiring efforts.

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CoE Talent Partner

  • We can help your team to build talent acquisition and recruiting into a true Center of Excellence.
  • Front-to-back or priorities focused; (6-12 month commitment)

Recruitment Partner

  • We can help your team to ramp up an entire company, staff or train a team, or discretely search for a few executives.
  • Offload entire process or role(s) focused; (Implementation can start in days)

Labs & Sprints

Join strategic forces with our team to workshop an idea or problem, develop your talent strategy, or configure the right approach, structure, framework, or stack.

(2-4 Weeks to Complete)
  • 5-Day Solve Lab
  • Talent Strategy+Roadmap
  • Talent Attraction Program
  • Content+Media Engine

Additional Services

TalentSum offers a wide range of talent acquisition services to meet your business needs.

Small Business Services

Set up right with our quick-fix audit and 30-day program.

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Flexible Talent Services

Hire our part time leaders and specialists to up capacity.

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Skill-Building Programs

Rapidly identify and build the skills you need to succeed.

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