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A different kind of consultancy

From the outset, our guiding question, "Why is it like this?" has profoundly shaped our principles. Founded to elevate the sum of talent within organizations, our vision has evolved, guiding us towards becoming akin to a teaching consultancy. This shift highlights our role as a strategic learning partner, committed to transforming companies into magnets for exceptional talent and fostering workplaces renowned as great places to work.

It all matters but these are the behaviors we care about most.

Meet our founder

Be kind to others

We're all in this together. Our default should be to do what's right. We are dedicated to building a diverse team where everyone can be included. Kindness is our most core value.

Lean into growing

We champion a culture of lifelong learning. We learn from each other and practice our craft. Everyone makes mistakes. We try to bring out the best in those around us.

Prioritize wellness

Focusing on wellness can reduce feelings of isolation, offset job burnout, and lead people to be more productive. We tend to do our best when we feel our best.

Work smart(er)

We work smart to find efficient and innovative ways to solve problems. Our level of engagement is more important than working long days. We deliver value by adding value.
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Community and Service

Each year, we contribute resources and services to support causes that reflect our values, and are meaningful to our employees and our communities.
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