TalentSum Ventures makes impact investments across the talent acquisition and skills ecosystem

At TalentSum Ventures, our mission is to identify and invest in innovative ideas and organizations that are focused on solving problems related to talent acquisition and skills development.

With our team's deep expertise in this field, we provide commercial know-how and resources to help entrepreneurs and innovators launch and grow their businesses.

We take a highly selective approach to our partnerships, considering only opportunities that align closely with our area of expertise. We invest exclusively in companies focused on solving problems related to talent identification, attraction, selection, engagement, and skills development. We only assume a very small/minority stake in the business, allowing our partners to retain control of their vision and mission while benefiting from our support and expertise.

We offer a range of entrepreneurial support services to our venture partners, including ideation and foresight research, design and technical support for technology and prototype development, senior-level guidance within the talent acquisition and skills development ecosystem, perspective or advisory board support, and even resource support to help reach critical milestones.

We will only consider partnering for the following types of solutions:

  • Talent Artificial Intelligence: AI-powered recruitment platforms that leverage data to identify top candidates and streamline the hiring process.
  • Skills Development: Companies that provide upskilling and reskilling programs to help employees develop new skills and prepare for new roles within their organization.
  • Attraction & Engagement: Talent attraction and candidate engagement tools that use data analytics to identify areas for improvement and develop and share strategies.
  • Social & Branding: Social media recruiting and employer branding platforms that help companies attract top talent and build their employer brand.
  • Assessment & Identification: Assessment and evaluation tools that provide insights into candidate skills and potential for success in a particular role.
  • Talent Platforms: Freelance and gig economy platforms that connect companies with skilled independent contractors and consultants.
  • On-Demand Staffing: On-demand staffing solutions that allow companies to quickly hire temporary workers to meet business needs.

Through our venture partnerships, we aim to drive innovation and advancement in the field of talent acquisition and skills development, ultimately leading to better outcomes for businesses and job seekers alike.

If you would like to find out more about this type of partnership, please connect with Christopher Mengel.

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