Talent Acquisition Optimization for the Small to Mid-Market

TalentSum is a strategic talent management consultancy specializing in optimizing the talent acquisition function for small to medium-sized enterprises, with a primary focus on the middle market.

Our mission is to help organizations maximize the sum of their talent and achieve sustainable growth through a comprehensive suite of services that emphasize optimization. We also provide valuable support services, such as fractional and interim support, for organizations that require additional assistance.

Our primary services for optimizing talent acquisition begin with our 360° Talent Acquisition Readiness Assessment, designed mainly for mid-size businesses. For smaller businesses, we offer a specialized Quick-fix Audit. These comprehensive evaluations of talent acquisition and recruiting practices identify areas for improvement and uncover opportunities for optimization, delivering in-depth reports with prioritized recommendations.

Based on the findings from the audit and analysis, TalentSum collaborates with clients to develop customized Talent Strategy Development plans that align with their business objectives, addressing identified challenges in talent acquisition and ensuring a more efficient process. We also offer a Brand & Values Alignment service, assisting clients in defining or validating their organization's people fit, culture, value proposition, and employer brand. This service creates tailored roadmaps for implementation, further enhancing the talent acquisition process.

TalentSum's Partnership Solutions are designed to support clients in achieving excellence in talent acquisition and recruitment. We offer two types of partnerships: Talent Partner and Recruitment Partner. The Talent Partner program helps to build talent acquisition and recruiting into a true Center of Excellence, while the Recruitment Partner program focuses on ramping up an entire company, staffing or training a team, or discretely searching for a few executives. Additionally, we offer the Talent Accelerator, specifically designed for small businesses, which helps establish a strategic talent attraction and recruitment program within 30 days.

Our Labs & Sprints offerings, along with Skills Development Programs, form an integral part of our optimization services. They address talent-related challenges or opportunities in a focused, time-efficient manner, with options such as the 5-Day Solve Lab and Technology Stack Design. These programs ensure adaptability to the ever-evolving job market through tailored workshops, webinars, and training sessions, empowering employees with essential skills for success.

Fractional & Interim Support is another valuable service we provide, which complements our consulting and optimization offerings by addressing the needs of client organizations that require additional assistance in restructuring or building internal capabilities. We offer flexible, on-demand support with experienced talent acquisition professionals on a fractional or interim basis, as well as access to On-Demand Industry Specialists. This allows our clients to scale their talent acquisition efforts and address pressing challenges without long-term commitments.

By emphasizing optimization through our primary services and working side-by-side with our clients, TalentSum fosters a collaborative approach to elevate their talent acquisition function, attract and retain top talent, and drive business growth. Our client-centric focus ensures that we prioritize their unique needs and goals, without leading with large success fee recruiting. Instead, we offer tailored support services that are designed to provide lasting value and create a strong foundation for continued success in talent management.

To help your company navigate change and lead the shift to modern talent acquisition get in touch, or to join TalentSum as a colleague and do rewarding work that integrates with your life, visit careers to learn more about the profiles we seek.

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