Blog Series on Survey Design: Part One - Introduction and Laying a Foundation for Success

Crafting and Executing a Comprehensive Survey for Talent Attraction and Engagement: Introduction and Laying a Foundation for Success

Welcome to our mini-blog series, where we delve into the process of planning, designing, and launching a survey, specifically aimed at uncovering your company's authentic employer brand and culture.

Our objective with this series is to provide a DIY approach to survey design that enables you to develop a forward-thinking roadmap and best-practice playbook. This resource can then be shared across your corporate and branch offices to enhance attraction, engagement, recruitment, hiring, and retention.

Laying the Foundation for a Comprehensive Talent Management Survey

When planning a comprehensive talent management survey, it's crucial to address several key aspects that will shape the survey's design and execution:

  • Define the objectives: Clearly articulate the survey's goals, such as enhancing attraction, engagement, recruitment, hiring, and retention. This clarity will guide the survey design, ensuring that the questions asked align with the desired outcomes.
  • Identify key stakeholders: Determine the individuals who will participate in the survey process, from crafting the questionnaire to analyzing the results and implementing the findings. This may encompass corporate leaders, talent management professionals, and branch office representatives.
  • Choose the target audience: Select the groups of employees and candidates whose feedback will yield the most relevant and valuable insights. This may include a combination of current employees, recent hires, and potential candidates.
  • Create a timeline: Set a definitive timeline for the survey process, encompassing planning, design, data collection, analysis, and implementation of the findings. This structure will help maintain the project's momentum and ensure all stakeholders are in sync.

In the subsequent installments of this mini-blog series, we will dive deeper into survey design, data collection, and analysis. Our aim is to guide you in creating a forward-thinking roadmap and best-practice playbook for enhancing talent acquisition and recruitment throughout your organization. Continue to read Part Two, where we focus on designing the survey.

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