Blog Series on Survey Design: Part Three - Collecting and Analyzing Employee and Candidate Perspectives

In Part Two of this mini-blog series, we discussed designing a survey to unlock genuine insights. In Part Three, we delve into the details of survey execution, covering pre-launch considerations, data collection methods, and analysis.

Survey Overview

The survey aims to collect preferences, opinions, and attitudes of employees and prospective candidates. The collected data will be analyzed and transformed into actionable insights, enabling the organization to attract and retain the right talent.

Pre-launch Considerations

Before initiating the survey, address these high-level items:

  • Main objectives of the survey
  • Timeline for completion
  • Role of senior leadership in the survey and engagement process
  • Expected level of support for line managers to communicate the survey process
  • Communication of the survey process to employees
  • Sharing generalized results with all employees
  • Budget and timescale constraints
  • Leadership's definition of success for this project
  • Follow-up work required to achieve objectives

We recommend combining two data collection approaches:

  1. Implement a structured approach, including email/web-based surveys, phone or in-person interviews, and focus groups.
  2. Deploy an unstructured approach, including employee-initiated feedback, reviews on third-party websites (e.g., Glassdoor), and unsolicited comments on social media.

By gathering structured and unstructured employee data from multiple sources, you will obtain valuable feedback to enhance the organization's actionable insights.

Online Survey (Quantitative)

Before initiating the online survey, clarify all related objectives, processes, and expectations. If needed, TalentSum can assist or manage the design, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting.

  • Design the survey document for review
  • Program the survey in the online software
  • Test the survey before launch
  • Deliver the survey to respondents

Consider compiling employee contact information and sending emails via a cloud-based solution. Alternatively, post the survey link on the intranet with multiple notifications to encourage participation.

We recommend having the invitation sent from leadership or an administrator and creating a template for this message. Send an initial invitation, followed by two or three reminder notifications.

After fieldwork concludes, prepare a PowerPoint report for leadership, including findings, infographics, strategy recommendations, and question-by-question results. Use anonymous data to protect employee privacy.

One-on-One Interviews and Focus Groups (Qualitative)

Personal one-on-one interviews are essential for a successful survey, as they gather in-depth feedback through two-way research conversations.

Schedule a series of in-depth interviews with top employees (leaders, managers, associates) to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their perspectives.

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