Accelerate Startup Talent Acquisition in 30 Days

How TalentSum's Talent Acquisition Accelerator Service Can Help Startups Build a Winning Recruitment Function in 30 Days

Imagine you're the founder of a startup that's gained significant traction in the market. You're seeing early signs of success, and you know it's time to start building a strong team to take your company to the next level. However, you're struggling to find and retain the right talent, and you know that without a robust recruitment function, your company's growth will be limited.

This is where TalentSum's Talent Acquisition Accelerator Service comes in. In just 30 days, we can help you build a talent acquisition and recruitment function that will attract and retain top talent.

Days 1-5: Discovery, Research, and Planning

During the first five days of our engagement, we'll work with you to understand your company's goals, performance expectations, and key performance indicators (KPIs). We'll review your existing talent strategy and conduct voice of employee surveys and one-on-one interviews with your employees and executives to get a deep understanding of your company culture, values, and reputation.

Days 6-30: Setting Up Your Recruitment Function

With all the necessary data and insights in hand, we'll start building your recruitment function. We'll develop a strong employer brand, launch an attractive career site, set up a robust recruiting system, create an approach to screening and assessing candidates, and develop a talent attraction and content playbook. We'll also guide you through the live screening and interviewing process, and support your team through a few new hires.

We Support Your Team Throughout the Engagement

Throughout the 30-day engagement, we'll work closely with you to make sure everything is set up correctly and running smoothly. We'll be an integral part of your team, collaborating through ad-hoc breakout sessions, weekly check-ins, and various communication channels. And after the engagement is over, we'll provide a debrief and outcomes evaluation to ensure that your recruitment function continues to deliver results.

Big Takeaway

Building a robust recruitment function is critical for startups looking to expand their teams and accelerate their growth. With TalentSum's Talent Acquisition Accelerator Service, you can get your recruitment function up and running in just 30 days. We'll help you attract and retain top talent, and provide ongoing support to ensure your recruitment function continues to deliver results.

Take your talent acquisition and recruitment efforts from routine to remarkable with TalentSum 360. For more information on how TalentSum 360 can unlock the full potential of your talent function, get in touch with our team today.

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