Blog Series on Employer Brand Activation: Part Two - Activating and Developing Your Employer Brand

With preliminary planning complete and essential KPIs defined, it's time to activate your employer brand.

In Part Two of this series, we'll outline the importance of collecting and analyzing employer data, researching competitors, and understanding your employees to create a compelling employer brand.

Activating Your Employer Brand through Data, Competitive Research, and Analysis

Competitive Research & Analysis:

  1. Identify and research close competitors to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their employer brands.
  2. Evaluate their career sites, employer-facing content, application processes, and hiring experiences to gather ideas and inspiration.
  3. Measure and compare employer-based realities against an ideal baseline to identify gaps and areas for improvement.

Data Collection & Analysis:

  1. Collect and analyze data to understand why employees enjoy working at your organization and why they choose to stay.
  2. Use this information to improve employee satisfaction, attract, and retain top talent.
  3. Identify any underlying issues preventing your organization from engaging with the people you want to hire most.

Connecting with Your Target Audience:

  1. Improve your ability to connect with the "heart and soul" of the candidates you want to hire most by learning about your existing employees: who they are, why they work, and why they stay.
  2. Use these insights to attract and connect with others outside the organization who share similar values and can deliver on your brand promise.

By conducting thorough competitive research, collecting and analyzing data, and understanding your employees, you'll be able to create a powerful employer brand that resonates with your target audience. This will not only help you attract the right talent but also ensure they're a strong fit for your organization's culture and values, ultimately leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Employer Brand Development

Developing a strong employer brand is crucial for boosting awareness and differentiating your organization in the competitive talent market. A well-established employer brand helps improve company awareness, communicate the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), stand out from competitors, promote employee engagement, filter candidates, and build awareness with targeted audiences. In this section, we'll delve into the importance of creating an authentic employer brand and how it serves as a competitive advantage.

Understanding Your Existing Employer Brand:

  1. Every organization already has an employer brand, which encompasses its reputation, culture, and the way it cares for its employees.
  2. The employer brand is felt, seen, and heard by candidates, employees, partners, customers, and everyone who interacts with your organization.

Crafting an Authentic Employer Brand Message:

  1. Focus on sharing an honest and in-depth view of your organization, rather than casting a wide net with deception.
  2. Articulate messages that resonate, connect, and motivate your target audience to take action.
  3. Showcase your organization's true self, providing a clear picture of what candidates can expect when they join your company.

Communicating Your Core Value Proposition:

  1. Your brand message should communicate the core value proposition and attractiveness of your organization as a place for employees to work and thrive.
  2. This message serves as a "promise" to prospective candidates, helping to attract and resonate with the right talent.

Leveraging Your Employer Brand:

  1. Use your employer brand message to filter candidates, ensuring they align with your organization's values and culture.
  2. Reinforce your message with a consistent visual identity, stories, and testimonials to create a strong connection with your target audience.

By developing and promoting an authentic employer brand, you'll be able to create a powerful and compelling message that attracts the right talent and supports your organization's growth. This strategic approach to employer branding will ultimately lead to a more engaged and satisfied workforce, driving long-term success.

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