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TalentSum Service Overview (updated Q2 2023)

Partner-level Support to Help Build Excellence in Talent Acquisition

This service is designed for talent and HR leaders seeking to optimize processes, pursue excellence, and enhance the skills necessary for a focused talent acquisition and recruitment function that drives business results. TalentSum serves as a bridge, providing thought leadership, direction, best practices, research, and hands-on support until internal operational excellence is established.

For small businesses looking to establish a new talent acquisition and recruitment function within 30 days, consider our Talent Accelerator.

Additional benefits:

  • Customizable partnership focused on your needs
  • On-call expert support for pressing issues
  • Transparent collaboration as an extension of your team
  • Flexible communication via phone, text, email, or project management tools
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins, ad-hoc breakout sessions, and more

To learn more about engaging TalentSum as your CoE Talent Partner, contact us for a free, no-obligation 30-60 minute chat.

Note: Our unique DNA across talent acquisition and marketing equips us to offer valuable insights for companies facing talent as their primary issue, with marketing challenges lying underneath.

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