TalentSum 360

Service Overview (updated on Spring 2023)

TalentSum 360 for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment elevates the whole ecosystem.

If you're concerned about a widening gap between your current practices and best practices, or unsure if you're maximizing value and ROI, our comprehensive talent diagnostic is the answer.

Ideal for organizations seeking a fresh, unbiased perspective, our assessment can help shape your strategy, validate RFPs, and guide implementation roadmaps.

Note: For organizations with less than 25 people looking to quickly evaluate their external-facing brand/reputation and discover the top conversion blockers, consider our Quick Fix Audit.

Eight signs your organization may benefit from TalentSum 360:

  • Low hiring manager satisfaction or autonomous sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.
  • Misaligned recruiting processes and lack of best practice understanding.
  • Inappropriate ATS or recruiting technology for your business needs.
  • Excessive search fees or outsourcing costs.
  • Doubts about having the right people with the proper behavioral competencies.
  • High employee turnover rate.
  • Recruiters consistently missing established KPIs or metrics.
  • No established talent pipelines for mission-critical roles.

TalentSum 360 offers competitive intelligence, raw data, a customized report, actionable strategies, a priority roadmap, potential project improvements, and a full team debrief (in-person or by conference).

Our five-step approach:

  1. Define the assessment scope and establish a Shared Google Drive folder for collaboration.
  2. Review existing talent acquisition and recruitment practices, processes, and programs, beginning with talent strategy and employer brand components.
  3. Examine all related content, documentation, technologies, and tools.
  4. Conduct on-site interviews with HR/Recruiting staff, hiring managers, and recent hires.
  5. Prepare a detailed report, discussing critical gaps in best practices, effectiveness, and efficiency.

In our debrief, we'll provide you with recommendations for improving your talent acquisition strategy, recruitment marketing program, recruitment program, and technology stack. We can even customize it to include a detailed roadmap with prioritized actions and event sequencing.

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