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Service Overview (updated Spring 2024)

TalentSum 360 Diagnostic: Your Strategic Compass for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

We understand that navigating the complexities of talent acquisition and recruitment can be challenging. That's why we've developed the TalentSum 360 Diagnostic, a comprehensive service designed to act as a strategic map or navigational compass for your organization.

Our diagnostic focuses on identifying opportunities for growth within your talent acquisition function and evaluating team gaps to ensure alignment with your strategic goals.

Note: For organizations with less than 25 people looking to quickly evaluate their external-facing brand/reputation and discover the top conversion blockers, consider our Quick Fix Audit.

Key Areas of Focus:


In the Attraction segment, we focus on the elements that make your organization appealing to potential talent. We'll help you identify opportunities for growth in your employer branding, ensuring it resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your company's values.

We'll also examine your workplace culture, assessing its inclusivity, engagement, and overall atmosphere to attract diverse and talented individuals. Our analysis extends to your sourcing strategies, looking at how you identify and reach out to potential candidates, as well as your recruitment marketing tactics, ensuring they are engaging and effectively showcase your employer brand.


The Engagement segment evaluates how your organization interacts with candidates throughout the recruitment process. We'll help you identify opportunities to streamline your recruitment processes, making them more efficient and candidate-friendly. We'll assess your candidate assessment methods, ensuring they are effective in evaluating fit and potential.

Our review will also cover your interview techniques, ensuring they are structured to identify the best candidates, and your selection process, ensuring it is fair and aligned with your organizational goals. Additionally, we'll examine your onboarding experience, ensuring new hires are smoothly integrated into your team and culture.


In the Retention segment, we focus on your organization's ability to keep talent engaged and committed. We'll help you identify opportunities for growth in employee development, ensuring you provide meaningful opportunities for learning and career advancement. We'll assess your performance management processes, ensuring they are effective in setting clear goals and providing constructive feedback.

Our analysis will also cover your recognition programs, ensuring they appreciate and reward employee contributions, and your feedback mechanisms, ensuring open communication and continuous improvement. Lastly, we'll examine your support for employee well-being, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and mental health support are prioritized.

Soft Skills:

In the Soft Skills segment, we assess essential competencies such as communication, collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, emotional intelligence, time management, and attention to detail. This evaluation allows us to identify skill gaps and areas for improvement, enabling us to develop strategies to enhance these skills or find ways to work around any limitations.

By focusing on these critical skills, we aim to ensure your team is well-equipped to navigate and succeed in today's dynamic work environment, ultimately contributing to your organization's growth and success.

How TalentSum 360 Diagnostic Works:

Our diagnostic is not a report card but a strategic tool that provides a detailed future landscape of your talent acquisition and recruitment function. It includes a full report and a prioritized list of improvement opportunities, focusing on both the organizational and individual levels.

Benefits of TalentSum 360 Diagnostic:

Strategic Insight: Gain a clear understanding of your current state and the steps needed to align with your future goals.

Identify Opportunities: Uncover areas for growth within your talent acquisition function and team competencies.

Tailored Recommendations: Receive actionable strategies and a customized roadmap to guide your talent acquisition efforts.

Enhanced Team Alignment: Ensure that your team's skills and roles are aligned with your organizational needs.

Ideal for Organizations Seeking:

  • A fresh, unbiased perspective on their talent acquisition strategies.
  • Validation of RFPs and guidance for implementation roadmaps.
  • Insights into gaps between current practices and best practices.
  • A strategic approach to optimizing their talent acquisition ecosystem.

Signs Your Organization May Benefit from TalentSum 360:

  • Low hiring manager satisfaction or challenges in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring.
  • Misaligned recruiting processes or lack of best practice understanding.
  • Inappropriate ATS or recruiting technology for your business needs.
  • High employee turnover rate or recruiters consistently missing established KPIs.
  • No established talent pipelines for mission-critical roles.

Our Approach:

  • Define the assessment scope and establish a collaborative platform.
  • Review existing talent acquisition practices, processes, and programs.
  • Examine all related content, documentation, technologies, and tools.
  • Conduct interviews with key stakeholders, including HR/Recruiting staff, hiring managers, and recent hires.
  • Prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improving your talent acquisition strategy.

Transform Your Talent Acquisition with TalentSum 360 Diagnostic

Discover the path to a more effective and aligned talent acquisition strategy with the TalentSum 360 Diagnostic. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization navigate the complexities of talent acquisition and recruitment, ensuring your team is equipped for success.

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