Your Talent Acquisition And Marketing Teams Should Be Partners

In far too many businesses today, Talent Acquisition and Marketing operate independently and avoid sharing information. Here's why this needs to change.

Many of the best firms view Talent Acquisition and Marketing as critical cross-functional partners that work together to create an alignment in messaging between the external, consumer-facing brand and the internal, employee-facing culture. They view their brand and culture as two sides of the same coin - as an external brand and internal-facing culture.

Regardless of whether or not Talent Acquisition and Marketing are seen as actively collaborating, a significant portion of their day-to-day work overlaps. Consider the following:

  • Both teams collect and analyze raw data and then transform data into insights to understand of their audiences.
  • Both work to build up strong brands and value propositions to engage and motivate their target audiences to take action.  
  • Both are required to think strategically about audiences, touch points, and experiences.

And at a tactical level, both Talent Acquisition and Marketing are required to at least consider technologies and tools, lead generation capabilities, content, and advertising initiatives to share the brand and culture to capture the attention of internal and external audiences.

Improving collaboration and developing a healthy partnership between your Talent Acquisition and Marketing teams should be one facet of your strategy and implementation plan to develop a competitive advantage in talent.

To help your company navigate change and lead the shift to modern talent acquisition get in touch, or to join TalentSum as a colleague and do rewarding work that integrates with your life, visit careers to learn more about the profiles we seek.

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