TalentSum Origins: Discovering Our True Purpose

When I founded TalentSum in 2014, I recognized the need for a more strategic, cost-effective approach to talent acquisition due to the skyrocketing recruitment success fees. From my earlier career experiences, I learned that the key to a company's competitive advantage was securing the right talent, surpassing even marketing or sales. Often, the main issue organizations face is the lack of suitable team members.

By building and promoting an attractive company culture, empowering managers to onboard the right people, and helping candidates self-select out of unsuitable opportunities, businesses can achieve a competitive advantage. However, many leaders struggle with where to begin, and the root of the problem in talent acquisition often lies in the absence of a clear strategy aligned with organizational goals. Without a solid foundation, everything that follows may falter.

TalentSum was established as a response to the need for a strategic and transformative approach to talent acquisition services, acknowledging the growing influence of marketing in the field. Today, TalentSum offers an integrated approach, combining strategy and optimization services, skill-building programs, and flexible talent engagement services. We address the needs of CEOs and talent leaders under pressure to reimagine their talent acquisition functions and enhance their impact and value.

Our services include 360-degree readiness assessments, values/brand alignment programs, problem-solving labs, and operational partnerships for larger organizations. For small businesses, we offer quick-fix audits and talent acquisition accelerators to establish strategies within 30 days. Additionally, for our clients, we provide add-on support services, such as interim talent leaders, on-demand specialists, and skill-building programs to enhance in-house teams' efficiency and business value.

As TalentSum's founder, my mission is to help talent leaders and CEOs adopt modern talent acquisition strategies tailored to their unique needs. Driven by "improving the sum of talent," TalentSum is committed to fostering healthy companies and creating competitive advantages across various industries.

In the dynamic job market, our focus on strategic talent acquisition and alignment with business goals enables our partners to maximize potential, attract and retain top talent, and drive growth.

To help your company navigate change and lead the shift to modern talent acquisition get in touch, or to join TalentSum as a colleague and do rewarding work that integrates with your life, visit careers to learn more about the profiles we seek.

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