Speed Up To Slow Down In Talent Acquisition

The practice of slowing-down-to-speed-up can actually help to improve outcomes all across talent acquisition.

Like over-chewing food before swallowing, or measuring twice before making the cut, the process of doing some research and then setting it aside before picking it back up days later to do more research, forces us to slow down. And slowing things down can help to focus our attention and presence, acknowledge all the complexities in a situation, and can even encourage a deeper dialog before we take action. It's especially useful when asking questions such as:

  • Which solutions or sets of tool in talent acquisition – if executed correctly – can deliver the best performance for cost?
  • Will Elon Musk turn me into a cyborg and force me to work for him on Mars?
  • When will online credentials matter more to hiring managers than having a bachelor’s or master’s degree?
  • Will “gigs” and the “ATS” ever really disappear? And if so, what will replace them?

Deciding on a slowing-down-to-speed-up approach does not have to mean that we don’t have a sense of urgency. In fact, the opposite is usually true. For us, slowing-down-to-speed-up is a strategy, not a reaction. When we step back -to truly consider a situation or challenge - we find that it not only can save us time in the long run but it allows us to move forward faster with more confidence. And who knows, it might be our best, most strategic, tool in talent acquisition.

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