Blog Series on Survey Design: Part Six - Template for Process, Deliverables, and Timelines

In this blog post, we outline an 8-step process to design, administer, and analyze an employee survey for your organization. This process involves various parties, including your marketing team, talent acquisition team, and leadership. The goal is to gain insights into your organization's philosophy, culture, employee engagement, and more.

8 Step Process

Design Survey

Parties Involved: Marketing team, Talent Acquisition team, Leadership
Purpose: Design survey format and program, set for implementation

Online Survey of Existing Leaders and Senior Management (confidential)

Parties Involved: Top/board level and Senior Management members
Purpose: Understand the philosophy, procedures, top people, company brand, and culture

Online Survey of Existing Top Employees (confidential)

Parties Involved: Selected employees
Purpose: Gain feedback and ratings related to top employee relationships with the organization

Employee Interviews (In-person or Virtual)

Parties Involved: Selected current employees of the organization
Purpose: Gather various perspectives from a diverse sample of current employees
Note: Employee selection is determined by Executive, Senior, Middle, and Line Management Team leaders
Duration: 60-90 minute interviews

Exit Surveys (In-person or Virtual)

Parties Involved: Selected past employees of the organization
Purpose: Gather various perspectives from past employees
Note: Employee selection is determined by the Executive Team
Duration: 20-30 minute interviews

Focus Group Meetings (OPTIONAL, but recommended for validating findings)

Parties Involved: Selected employees of the organization
Purpose: Gather perspectives in a group setting, primarily to validate insights from data survey and employee surveys
Duration: 60-90 minute interviews and occasional email Q&A back-and-forth

Data Aggregation

Parties Involved: Internal Data or Marketing Team (or TalentSum)
Purpose: Collection and analysis of information from all prior efforts, including survey, interview, and focus group materials


Parties Involved: Organization and TalentSum
Purpose: Present a summary of interviews, basic conclusions, and recommendations based on the collected data and insights

Potential Deliverables

Below, we outline potential deliverables for this survey project, including data and reporting, interviews, focus groups, and more. We also suggest potential add-ons and a timeline for each step of the process.

Potential Deliverables:

  • Survey-based Data and Reporting (Structured; Includes Analysis) - Includes all collected survey data (electronic and hardcopy results) and a list of comments related to the survey areas
    Employee Interviews (Structured; Includes Analysis)
  • Electronic, phone, and in-person interviews (excluding named sources)
  • One-on-One Interviews (Structured; Includes Analysis)
  • Interview notes, data, and analysis (excluding named sources)
  • Focus Groups (Structured; Includes Analysis)
  • Meeting notes, data, and analysis of focus groups (excluding named sources)
  • Web-based Data Collection (Unstructured; Includes Analysis)
  • Aggregation of web-based data, including employee-initiated feedback, employee reviews on third-party websites (Glassdoor), unsolicited comments across social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), etc.
  • Conclusions & Analysis
  • Succinct analysis focused on observations and actionable insights, including a full analysis of the organization's processes, conclusions, and specific recommendations

Potential Add-Ons:

  • Best Practices (Roadmap) - An internal-facing comprehensive implementation plan for organization leadership, including directions, best practices, methods, approaches, and technology use for lasting changes
  • Guiding Principles (Playbook) - An external-facing playbook for branch HR teams, recruiters, and hiring managers, detailing the best practice approach for each survey area

Potential Timeline

Online Survey to Employees (Quantitative)

  • Survey Open (2 weeks)
  • Survey Extension (1 week, if required)
  • Development of Results (<1 week)
  • Unstructured Collection of Data (in unison with Step #1)
  • Collection of employee-initiated feedback, third-party website reviews, and social media comments

One-on-One Interviews (Qualitative)

  • One-on-One Interviews (1-2 weeks)
  • Interviews Extension (1 week, if required)
  • Development of Results (1 week)

Focus Groups (Qualitative)

  • Focus Group(s) (1 week, could be shortened)
  • Development of Results (2-3 days to 1 week)

Presentation Development

  • Presentation Development (1-2 weeks)

How TalentSum Can Help:

TalentSum, as a specialized talent acquisition consultancy, can provide valuable assistance in executing this comprehensive survey project. Our expertise in the field allows us to create tailored solutions, ensuring that your organization maximizes the value of the data collected and the subsequent analysis. We can partner to provide the following support:

Expert Guidance: Our team of seasoned professionals will guide you through each step of the survey process, offering insights and advice on best practices, survey design, data collection, and analysis.

Customization: We understand that each organization has unique needs and goals. TalentSum will work closely with your company to develop a customized survey plan that addresses your specific requirements and objectives.

Comprehensive Data Analysis: TalentSum's extensive experience in data analysis ensures that the information gathered from surveys, interviews, and focus groups is thoroughly and accurately assessed. This enables us to provide actionable insights and recommendations that will drive positive change in your organization.

Add-On Services: In addition to the core deliverables, TalentSum offers add-on services such as the Best Practices Roadmap and Guiding Principles Playbook. These resources can further support your organization in implementing lasting improvements to your talent acquisition and recruitment strategies.

Benefits for Your Company:

Enhanced Employer Brand: By understanding your organization's strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive data analysis, TalentSum can help you activate a strong employer brand, develop a compelling value proposition, and define a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Informed Decision-Making: The insights gained from this survey project will enable your company to make more informed decisions regarding talent acquisition strategies, employee engagement, and overall organizational development.

Streamlined Processes: TalentSum's recommendations will help your organization optimize its talent acquisition processes, ensuring that you attract the right candidates in a timely and efficient manner.

Competitive Advantage: By investing in understanding your culture and improving your employer brand, your company will gain a competitive edge in the job market. This will ultimately lead to higher-quality candidates, increased employee retention, and a more robust and successful organization.

Partnering with TalentSum for this survey project will provide your organization with the tools and insights needed to enhance your talent acquisition strategies, employer branding, recruitment, and culture. This collaboration will drive meaningful improvements that ultimately benefit your company's performance and overall success.

Take your talent acquisition and recruitment efforts from routine to remarkable with TalentSum 360. For more information on how TalentSum 360 can unlock the full potential of your talent function, get in touch with our team today.

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