360° Readiness Assessment

TalentSum Service Overview (updated on June 1, 2021)

Our 360° assessment provides your firm with an expert and comprehensive review across your organization’s talent acquisition and recruitment function.

Do you worry that there is a growing gap between your current reality and best practice? Do you wonder if you are achieving the best value and ROI for your investments?

Our 360° readiness assessment is perfect for any organization looking for a fresh and objective opinion. Use it to set the tone for your strategy and planning exercises, or to validate RFPs and implementation roadmaps.

8 signs that you need our 360° readiness assessment for talent acquisition:

  • Hiring manager satisfaction is low or hiring managers are cutting your recruiters out of the process and sourcing, interviewing and hiring without your input.
  • Your recruiting processes are not aligned with your business needs and your team does not have a clear understanding of best practices.
  • You are beginning to suspect that your ATS and other recruiting technology are not right for your business requirements.
  • The cost of search fees or the outsourcing of your recruiting process seems exorbitant.
  • You suspect that you do not have the right people with the right behavioral competencies on board, and people seem to be focused on the wrong activities.
  • Employee turnover rate is high.
  • Recruiters are consistently falling short on meeting established key performance indicators or metrics.
  • You recruit from scratch on key positions rather than having established talent pipelines for mission critical roles.

Key deliverables of our 360° readiness assessment can include:

  • Competitive intelligence and raw data
  • Customized report with all collected data/research
  • Actionable strategies to become best in class
  • Priority roadmap with recommendations
  • List of potential project improvements
  • Full team debrief (in person or by conference)

Here are 5 steps to conducting our 360° readiness assessment:

  1. The first step is simple. We’ll scope out exactly what we’ll assess during our time together. We’ll also set up a Shared Google Drive folder to give us a place to collaborate and share everything.
  2. Next, we’ll do a comprehensive review of your existing talent acquisition and recruitment practices, processes, and programs starting with your talent strategy and employer brand and reputation components, working our way around the entire talent acquisition function.
  3. In parallel, we’ll also be conducting a detailed review of all related content, documentation, integrated technologies, and other external/internal tools that are in play.
  4. We might want to hold on-site interviews with members of your firm’s HR / Recruiting staff, a select representative group of your hiring managers, and a few recent hires.
  5. Then, we’ll prepare a detailed report and review it with your team to discuss critical gaps in best practices, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Our report will include numerous recommendations to improve your firm’s talent acquisition strategy, overall TA/Recruitment program, and technology stack configuration – and can be tailored to include detailed a roadmap with prioritization of potential actions and sequencing of future events.

Our 360° readiness assessment can provide insights across any of the following:

Strategy/Plan Review, Employer Brand, Core EVP Messaging, Candidate Experience, Company Culture, Fit/Skill Criteria, Competitive Practices, Recruitment Marketing, Content Strategies, Social Recruiting, Social Media Strategies, Sourcing Strategies, Recruiting Strategies, Recruitment Program, Career Site Analysis, Recruitment Process
Assessment Process, Pre-hire Testing, Hiring Process, Selection Process, Onboarding Process, Candidate Marketing, ATS/CRM Tech/Tools, Glassdoor/LinkedIn, Tech Stack, Referral Process, Online Reviews, AI/Psychometric

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