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Affordable programs to rapidly identify and build up new people skills so everyone can deliver immediate impact for your in-house talent acquisition and recruiting department or agency.

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Armed with the right capabilities and fueled by a high-performing mindset, your people literally have the ability to change the world at work. Our four skill-building programs are designed for talent acquisition teams to prepare your people for what comes next.

(Spring/Summer 2021 programs are listed)
  • Program 1 - Developing your talent strategy and roadmap
  • Program 2 - Creating your approach to marketing and content
  • Program 3 - Building your sourcing engine, pools, and pipelines
  • Program 4 - Designing your performance based Hiring (for Hiring Mangers)
  • (All Programs are 4-6 Hours; + 1 Month Q&A Support)

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TalentSum offers a wide range of talent acquisition services to meet your business needs.

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Flexible Talent Services

Hire our part time leaders and specialists to up capacity.

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