We invest in ideas and organizations that positively impact the talent acquisition environment

TalentSum Ventures invests in ideas and organizations that solve problems related to talent acquisition and skills development.

We use our commercial know-how and resources to help TalentSum innovators and external founders launch and grow their businesses. We occasionally provide entrepreneurial support in the following ways:

  • Technical peer reviews and due diligence
  • Design and technical support for technology and prototype development
  • Guidance on regulatory landscape and policy
  • Market sizing, perspective, and foresight research
  • Advisory board support
  • On-demand resource support for pilot/milestone projects

We only partner in opportunities that align tightly with our area of expertise. We only assume a very small/minority stake in the business. And we only consider opportunities that solve problems related to talent identification, attraction, selection, engagement - or skills development.

If you would like to find out more about partnering with TalentSum please get in touch.

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