How TalentSum Transforms Talent Acquisition

TalentSum, the talent acquisition service provider transforming talent acquisition departments through a blend of strategy and optimization services, skill-building programs, and flexible talent engagement services, is challenging the way talent acquisition services are delivered.

TalentSum partners with companies to optimize and support talent acquisition functions - with particular emphasis on combining strategy and planning, data analysis, branding and marketing, and candidate search and sourcing - to deliver a more holistic approach to solving pressing issues across the entire talent acquisition ecosystem.

The firm was born out of a desire to improve the chance that companies could create a real competitive advantage for their businesses and become workplaces with highly engaged employees and high-performing cultures.

The inspiration was to provide a unique and strategic value by becoming a cost-effective partnering alternative to the large consultancies, winning engagements that began with work at the "tip-of-the-spear". TalentSum would guide and support talent leaders, in-house and in-agency, and do it without relying on high success fees often associated with traditional third-party firms.

For 20 years, Christopher Mengel had founded and ran his own talent acquisition and marketing consulting and recruitment services businesses, led marketing for multiple firms (both public and private), and executed hundreds of consulting and implementation engagements across marketing and talent acquisition for a wide range of clients across various industries.

Over time, Mengel had grown disillusioned with companies largely driven by a desire to grow for growth’s sake or to maximize fees at almost any cost. In his mind, this winner-take-all thinking was rooted in the past. With TalentSum, he thought he could provide a more fair and balanced partnering relationship with customers and apply his own integrated expertise to help transform companies into healthy and exceptional places to work.

TalentSum's ideal partners are often CEOs or talent leaders under pressure to reimagine the talent acquisition function to increase impact and value to the business.

TalentSum makes it easy for talent leaders and CEOs to lead the shift to modern talent acquisition. The company provides a suite of optimization services ranging from 360-degree readiness assessments and values/brand alignment programs to problem solving labs and long-term partnerships.

TalentSum supports small businesses with an affordable, quick-fix audit to locate conversion blockers, and an accelerator program designed to set up talent attraction and recruitment within 30 days.

TalentSum also provides vetted, interim talent leaders and on-demand specialists and skill-building programs to support in-house teams and improve in-house efficiency and build business value from within. Talent engagements range from short-term project support to more comprehensive initiatives lasting months or years.

TalentSum’s approach represents the culmination of ideas Mengel believes in - that an aligned approach, combined with a suite of services designed to transform talent acquisition, can work to create healthier companies and deliver a true competitive advantage for the business.

To help your company navigate change and lead the shift to modern talent acquisition get in touch, or to join TalentSum as a colleague and do rewarding work that integrates with your life, visit careers to learn more about the profiles we seek.

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